Review: Tempest

Tempest (Tempest, #1)

„The year is 2009.  Nineteen-year-old Jackson Meyer is a normal guy… he’s in college, has a girlfriend… and he can travel back through time. But it’s not like the movies – nothing changes in the present after his jumps, there’s no space-time continuum issues or broken flux capacitors – it’s just harmless fun.

That is… until the day strangers burst in on Jackson and his girlfriend, Holly, and during a struggle with Jackson, Holly is fatally shot. In his panic, Jackson jumps back two years to 2007, but this is not like his previous time jumps. Now he’s stuck in 2007 and can’t get back to the future.

Desperate to somehow return to 2009 to save Holly but unable to return to his rightful year, Jackson settles into 2007 and learns what he can about his abilities.

But it’s not long before the people who shot Holly in 2009 come looking for Jackson in the past, and these “Enemies of Time” will stop at nothing to recruit this powerful young time-traveler.  Recruit… or kill him.

Piecing together the clues about his father, the Enemies of Time, and himself, Jackson must decide how far he’s willing to go to save Holly… and possibly the entire world.”

I received this novel from Julie Cross and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for my honest review. Thank you

Review: When I read novels about travelling through time or watch movies based on this topic I usually get confused. Are there more timelines? Are there alternate dimensions? If there’s only one timeline how come a person can go back through time and nothing changes? Or better yet why does it change seeing that in his future he has already been in the past returned and changed things? Pretty confusing right?! Not to mention the moments when the character goes back in time in a period where he already exists at a different age. How come the two do not collide? This is why I liked the interpretation of travelling through time in Harry Potter: it kept things simple. As a result, at times, Tempest proved to be somewhat confusing to me as I kept asking myself all these questions. I read and reread some parts in order to make sure I had things right. However, in the end I was impressed by the whole concept of time-travelling presented in the novel.

As far as the characters go, you cannot stop yourself from loving Jackson. He is a great character, complex, with his strengths and weaknesses, his doubts and his fears; he completely catches your attention from the first  few pages. The moment when Jackson goes back in time by accident and is unable to return to his girlfriend Holly is moving and you can definitely see the character’s struggle. Moreover, his attempt to recreate his relationship with her in the past is great. Jackson’s dead is another great character. He was impressing from the first moment he appeared to the last. He’s the type of character that makes an impression. I would have loved to see Holly developed more, but for her role she was great, though at time she tended to be a bit flat.

Les ennemis du temps (Tempest, #1)I enjoyed the book, but it had some minor things that annoyed me. What annoyed me the most was the way Jackson decided to deal with his relationship with Holly at one point. I’ve had it with self-sacrificing male characters! I hate it when authors see it necessary for the guy to sacrifice his relationship in a grandiose way in order to save the woman he loves. How about telling her the truth for a change? How about realizing that women are not weak pansies and can take care of themselves? With what Jackson knew he could have found a way to protect Holly by telling her the truth, without sacrificing their love. But, no! He had to be the one to save the day!

All in all I loved this book! The time-travelling factors were great and kept things interesting, the romance was there, very sweet and heartbreaking and in the end there were enough mysteries left to keep you waiting for the next volume.

Rating: 4/5

Hehe, prima mea recenzie in engleza pe acest blog. Daca cineva doreste sa citeasca varianta in romana sa imi spuna si o voi trimite pe mail sau o voi posta si pe aceea pe blog 🙂

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