Interviu cu o autoare: Stephanie Thomas

Vin cu doua noi interviuri saptamana aceasta, unul il voi publica astazi si pe celalalt maine, si cu detalii despre doua debuturi literare de anul acesta. Primul interviu mi-a fost dat de Stephanie Thomas, autoarea romanului Luminosity ( Raven Chronicles #1 ). THANK YOU!

„Stephanie Thomas has been writing ever since she could put letters together to form words. When she was a small child, she would present her mother and father with self-made newspapers filled up with make believe stories and pictures. Her love for writing followed her all throughout her schooling, where she entered and won writing contests of all sorts. Stephanie decided to become an English teacher and completed her B.A. at The Pennsylvania State University. While teaching, she later went on to get her Master’s in writing from The Johns Hopkins University. She completed her very first manuscript during her graduate studies, and by the end of the program, she had completed two more.” ( source is here: )

1.       First of all, thank you very much for granting me this interview. I was wondering whether you would like to tell us something about yourself.

Sure! I work full time as an English teacher in Baltimore, but I am from Philadelphia, and I’m very proud of it. I am married to a wonderful husband, and we have one doggy named Sailor and a bunny named Buns (because I am so creative with names). I love peanut butter and would probably put it on everything if I could get away with it.

2.      Can you tell us what inspired you to write “Luminosity?”

I had been writing historical fiction for a little while, and I realized I wanted to connect better to my students (I was teaching 10th grade at the time) and give them something they could read. I don’t remember where exactly the idea for my novel came from, but I do remember one of my students was reading a book with a goth-type cover, and I wanted to write something dark and gritty like that.

3.      What can you share about your novel?

Beatrice, whose Visions are clearer than those of the other Seers, trains to defend the Institution and the City from the Dreamcatchers. As the City prepares for an invasion, a Dreamcatcher named Echo tells Beatrice that war is imminent, and they must save each other in order to survive. Beatrice keeps this information from her best friend, Gabe, jeopardizing her allegiance to him and the Seers. Now, threatened by both the Seers and the Dreamcatchers, Beatrice must learn who she can trust, and make decisions that may cause her to lose Gabe or Echo forever.

4.      I believe all readers and perhaps the writers as well imagine what would happen if they were granted a few hours with a character of their choosing. If you were to spend some time with your characters where would you go and what would you do?

If I could go somewhere and spend some time with my characters, I would probably want to participate in their Training Games, which is kind of like a glorified version of laser tag. And that’s sort of an understatement. I love laser tag, and I like the competitiveness and idea of the Training Games in the book, and I think it would be very fun to watch Beatrice, Gabe and their friends take part of it.

5.      Do you have a favorite author?

My favorite author is George R.R. Martin. I started reading his books when I was in high school. We used to pass them around, so whenever one of my friends finished with one of the books, they would pass it to the next friend and we’d just recycle them back and forth. It’s that much better now that the Game of Thrones series is on television because you get to see this world that you’ve been reading over the course of ten years come alive right before you. I also think that his writing is unparallel to most other writers, and I lose myself completely in his worlds.

6.       You have a time capsule and the possibility to preserve three books for the people of the future. What books would you choose?

Wow, tough question! I would probably go with Catcher in the Rye, the Song of Ice and Fire series and The Giver.

7.      You are able to go back in time and take part in one particular historical event. What would that be and how would you change it?

I am obsessed with the French Revolution, and while I am sure it wasn’t a fun time to live in, I think that the outcome of that particular revolution still resonates through the world today. If I could change it, I would probably go back and make sure that the king and queen weren’t killed, if only because I think they were young when they came into power and so much of what happened happened because of their youthful impulsiveness. That, and I love Marie Antoinette.

8.      You have a mirror that shows you a person of your choosing from the past and/or present. That person can be anyone: a president, a king, a queen, a writer etc. You can ask him or her only one question. Who would it be and what would you ask that person?

The other period of time that I am obsessed with is the Tudor era. I would probably want to ask Queen Elizabeth I how she kept her resolve as a woman in a world dominated by men. I believe more young women need strong, female role models, and I think too many young women think they need a man in order to function in their lives, which leads to all sorts of other issues. Queen Elizabeth’s advice would be invaluable to many.

9.      Scientists have managed to create a machine that allows you to jump to the future. What year would you like to discover?

I would like to discover the year where they find a cure for cancer. And then I would like to bring it back, because it’s such an unfair disease.

10.   Would you like to add anything else?

Make sure you look out for LUMINOSITY from Entangled Publishing in November 2012. You can pre-order it now from bookselling sites (and it will make a great holiday present!).


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