Interviu cu o autoare: Cat Hellisen

Va mai promiteam un interviu. Iata ca il postez acum 🙂 Autoarea romanului „When the sea is rising red”, Cat Hellisen a acceptat sa imi acorde un interviu in care vorbeste despre romanul ei si despre cum s-a apucat de scris. Are niste raspunsuri foarte dragute si amuzante 🙂 Thank you very much for the interview!

Cat HellisenNH:  First of all, thank you very much for granting me this interview. I was wondering whether you would like to tell us something about yourself.

Hi, and thanks so much for having me on your blog. I’m a writer, living in Cape Town, South Africa, and besides the usual writerly things like procrastination and stealing stranger’s lives for book ideas, I like to read, play guitar and ukulele (both very badly) and get obsessive about television programmes.

NH: Can you tell us what inspired you to write “When the sea is rising red?”

A few years back I wrote another book, where Felicita and one of the other characters from When the Sea is Rising Red played minor parts. I’m not a fan so much of most series books, but I do like playing around in the same world. A couple of things about Felicita and her attitudes intrigued me, so one day I set out to write a book about how she became the person she did.

If you read When the Sea is Rising Red, you’ll notice a lot of sea-influence. I actually began the book while I was living nowhere near the sea, and sold it after I moved back to the coast, so on some strange level I feel like I owe the ocean something.

NH: What can you share about your novel?

I have a love/hate relationship with a lot of the YA tropes, so you’ll see I’ve liberally used them. Also liberally chewed their heads off and played with the corpses. I think that readers going in expecting certain things that they imagine they will get based on the cover-copy, will end up being disappointed. If you love things that are dreamy and strange, dark and a little vicious, then there’s a better chance it will be a book you enjoy.

NH: I believe all readers and perhaps the writers as well imagine what would happen if they were granted a few hours with a character of their choosing. If you were to spend some time with your characters where would you go and what would you do?

Go sit in a tea-shop and smoke poisonink and drink red bush tea and listen to the mutterings of mad poets.

NH: Do you have a favorite author?

I have many. Diana Wynne Jones and Clive Barker are two that immediately spring to mind.

NH: You have a time capsule and the possibility to preserve three books for the people of the future. What books would you choose?

….I can’t send a kindle?

NH: You are able to go back in time and take part in one particular historical event. What would that be and how would you change it?

Oh, um, not historical events as much as a certain era. I’d like to go and hang out in the 1920s/30s for a bit, but with loads of money. And I’d change nothing because yeah, we all know how wrong that goes.

NH: You have a mirror that shows you a person of your choosing from the past and/or present. That person can be anyone: a president, a king, a queen, a writer etc. You can ask him or her only one question. Who would it be and what would you ask that person?

Probably Enoch, who was the great-grandfather of Noah. He’s just an absolutely fascinating character from biblical history. I want to know if he really became the Metatron, and does he look and sound like Alan Rickman?

NH: Scientists have managed to create a machine that allows you to jump to the future. What year would you like to discover?

I have no idea, I’d probably want to see what my family are up to, so I’d jump 100 years ahead and spy on them.

NH: Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks for having me, and I really hope you enjoy the book. 😀 Thanks!

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