Vestige Book Tour

Heya all! Daca ati ajuns aici inseamna ca ati ghicit corect indiciul de pe blogul lui Emy!

Deci, bine ati venit la a doua oprire in cadrul Book Tour-ului Vestige!

Sincer, iubesc coperta acestei carti! Este absolut geniala si de-a dreptul spooky.

Ceea ce vreau sa impartasesc eu cu voi sunt niste citate din Vestige care sper sa va faca sa cititi romanul. Desi nu am citit decat primele doua capitole sunt deja captivata 🙂


„One-third of the world’s population has gone missing.

Micah doesn’t know it yet, but he is the only one who can make things right.”

„Jon and Bob feared the people with dark lights. Jon could not only see the gloom surrounding these people, but he could also feel it. These people were mean, angry, and lost.”

„In a flash, all the other people disappeared. Only Micah, the dog, and the stranger remained.”

„More than half of the administration and almost all the teachers are absent today. Therefore, your regular classes have been canceled. Students with last names starting with letters A through J should report to the cafeteria, letters K through T to the auditorium, and U through Z to the library. Please bring your work because you will be expected to remain quiet and busy for the duration of the day.”

„You need to come home. It’s started. I have so much to tell you. You’re not ready. Get home before…”


Ei bine, sunteti curiosi? Daca da, atunci este timpul sa raspundeti la o intrebare si sa aflati indiciul pentru urmatoarea oprire.

Intrebarea este: „Cate volume va avea seria din care face parte Vestige.”

Si indiciul vostru: Urmatorul blog are legatura cu o anumita pasiune.


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