Citatele mele preferate #20: Castle

Aparent am prins microbul serialelor XD Culmea, eu care nu eram fan seriale, am inceput mai multe seriale in ultima luna decat am vazut in ultimii cinci ani =)) Revin cu o noua postare in cadrul citatelor, de data aceasta cu citate din serialul Castle, pe care il ador si trebuie sa recunosc ca il urmaresc pe sarite de ceva vreme. Acum cateva zile am zis ca nu se poate si ca trebuie sa o iau si eu de la inceput ca omul.

„Well, you’re not bridge and tunnel. No trace of the boroughs when you talk, so that means Manhattan, that means money. You went to college, probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had lots of options, better options, more socially acceptable options, and you still chose this. That tells me something happened. Not to you. No, you’re wounded, but you’re not that wounded. No, it was somebody you cared about. It was someone you loved. And you probably could have lived with that, but the person responsible was never caught. [realizing he’s overstepped] And that, Detective Beckett, is why you’re here.” ( Rick Castle )

„Sir, he is like a nine-year-old on a sugar rush, totally incapable of taking anything seriously.” ( Kate Beckett )

„A control freak like you with something you can’t control? No, no, that’s gonna be more fun than Shark Week.” ( Esposito )

„Who was murdered, and was it gruesome?” ( Rick Castle )

„She’s going to be really smart, very savvy, haunting good looks, really good at her job…and kinda slutty.” ( Rick Castle – despre personajul lui Nikki Heat )

„It’s Sunday morning. Shouldn’t you be slinking home from a scandalous liaison?” ( Kate Beckett )

„Nothing you say will change how we feel. What men don’t understand is the right clothes, the right shoes, the right make up, it hides the flaws we think we have, and make us look beautiful to our selves, that’s what makes us look beautiful to others.” ( Martha )

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