Doctor Who: Russel T Davies era vs Steven Moffat era

Attention: This is a rant and should be ignored 😀 Really, this is just me venting my frustration over all the stupid comments on youtube and facebook that drive me round the bent. It’s in English, because I felt like ranting in English. It’s full of spoilers, because I’m ranting about the whole seven seasons. I’d love to see comments and know your opinion ( in case you’ve seen DW ), but seriously, you might get really bored if you read all of this. Allons-y!

Oooook… so let’s start from the beginning. I’m sick and tired of going on youtube, seeing wonderful videos and then checking the comments and seeing people bitching about Steven Mofft or whining that – insert companion here – is lame. Each person is entitled to his or her own point of view, but why the fighting guys? Can’t you keep it civilized? I refrained from commenting in such cases, but now I feel like ranting a bit. So here it is, my very own point of view. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! I think it’s a wonderful show, a deliciously exhilarating ride and loads of fun. Is it a perfect show? Not by a long shot! Does it have bad parts? Sure it does, after all there’s no pleasing everyone. So here’s my two cents!

The Doctor: Nine vs Ten vs Eleven

Oooooook! I’m just sick and tired of seeing everyone whine that Ten is better than Eleven, or that Eleven is better than Ten, while everyone is overlooking Nine! He was the one who kicked the show back into motion and Christopher Eccleston’s acting is superb! He portrays Nine exactly how you would imagine the Doctor to be after the Time War: broken, volatile, sad, bitter, hiding everything behind his sharp wit, sarcasm and love of insulting other species. He’s very likely to lash out and more likely to break down when something bad happens. However, when things end up all right, his joy is unparalleled – „Just this once – everybody lives!!” Nine is my Doctor seeing as he was the one that got me hooked into watching Doctor Who. He is „fantastic” and I hate it that many people forget about him.

Moving on… Ten! I can see why people were sad when David Tennant left. Ten was amazing ( thought at the end he tended to be overly-dramatic and more of a loose cannon than his previous incarnation. At least that was what it seemed like to me ). Ten was outgoing, manic, like a kid with a sugar rush and very lively. However, just as Nine, he hid his „survivor’s guilt” behind  a facade and at the end of his life, he was more likely to erupt and show the other side of the „Oncoming Storm”. Ten was „rude and not ginger” and frankly I bloody adored the second and fourth seasons. However, the third season was a bit of a let down to me and some episodes throughout the whole three seasons felt a bit redundant.

And last …. Eleven! Just as I have a fondness for Nine because he was my first Doctor, I have a similar fondness for Eleven, because he brought me back to Doctor Who. After watching the third season, out of which I kind of expected more, I put Doctor Who on hiatus and started watching other TV shows. I returned to it after I watched the „Eleventh Hour” on a whim, and actually went ahead and finished seasons 5,6 and 7, before returning to season 4. Eleven is weird, eccentric, completely alien and smug. He is reckless  and often escapes situations that seem without hope due to his quick thinking. He also shows a darker side than Nine and Ten; he is manipulative and often hurts his friends, because he uses them to achieve his goals. While Ten was horrified that the metacrisis Doctor committed genocide against the Daleks, Eleven loathes them, similar to Nine in the beginning and is very brutal to them ( not that they don’t deserve it -__- ). Plus, bow ties are cool!

So, bottom line: I think all three Doctors are great! Each is different and amazing in his own right. There’s no good doctor and bad doctor, there’s just The Doctor and he is awesome in whatever incarnation he is ( and no, I am not biased at all ).

The Female Companions: Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Clara and River

Each time a new companion is introduced some people start whining about said companion. It happened to Rose, it happened to Martha, it happened to Donna, it happened to all of them. To be honest, I have companions I love and companions I couldn’t care less about ( like that guy Adam from season 1 who ended up with a gate in his brain ).

Rose: I loved Rose! She was great and the chemistry between her and the Doctor ( both Nine and Ten ) was amazing. I loved her habit of wandering off and the way she never lost hope. The Parting of Way was an EPIC episode! I would have loved to see more of the Bad Wolf in the second season as well, but that was just my wishful thinking. Luckily, fanfiction was extremely versatile with this idea. What I did not like about Rose was the way her character was handled in Stolen Earth and Journey’s End. I felt her character was redundant and did not serve any other purpose than to conclude the story as it concluded. Hell, even Jackie Tyler had a more important role. Plus, to me the ending was kind of shallow. As I see Rose I do not think she would have agreed to the way things ended so easily. But, hey, that’s just my opinion.

Martha: I was not really fond of Martha… period! It was too close after Doomsday to allow me to bond with the character so …meh. I liked her in the end of season three and Journey’s End, but that’s that.

Donna: I loved Donna and her sass! She was amazing! Buuuut, some of the episodes in season four felt a bit redundant to me. Also, I loathed the way her character was handled in the end. She had her moment of glory and then she got all her memories whipped. Not fair Davies, so not fair! However, the fact that her character was created as the Doctor’s friend and not as another romance option ( like Rose or Martha ), gave her more depth. She was his friend and she was also his anchor. Donna kept the Doctor grounded for a while in moments when he was on the brink of giving in to his darker side ( like he did in The Waters of Mars, for example ).


Amy: Many people are complaining about Amy. On some part I agree… in the beginning she was too clingy and kind of annoyed me as well. Buuuut, as the seasons progressed she grew up and took life in her own hands. She is the „girl who waited”, but she is also the woman who managed to juggle both domestic life and life with the Doctor, the one who understood that she cannot live without Rory and the one who defied the Weeping Angels and their plans in order to keep the one she loved safe. I like her character overall; she is strong and brave and can stand on her own two feet without the help of others. I also liked the friendship relationship she had with the Doctor as the series progressed and the way he sometimes opened up to her.

Clara: Hmmm… I’m a bit torn about Clara. On one part I like her, on the other there haven’t been enough episodes to get attached to her and on the third part I feel that her character became a tad too important in „The Name of the Doctor”. Still, she is the only one who laid rules and boundaries, the one who decided when she wanted to travel with the Doctor and the one who absolutely did not give up on her domestic life for anything in the world. That I can appreciate about her! I am a tad peeved that she doesn’t wander off :)) What is the purpose of being the Doctor’s companion if you don’t wander off? To be honest, I kind of liked Clara the governess a bit more than 21st century Clara as it seemed she had more depth to her character.

River: I know she’s technically not a companion, but I LOVE RIVER’S CHARACTER! She is my second favorite character after Rose. I love the idea of the tragic love story between her and the Doctor, but I also like the fact that she did not let that story guide her life. She knows the outcome can only hurt her, but she does not give up. She is brave and witty and sarcastic. Moreover, as opposed to Amy, she did not wait for the Doctor. She built a life for herself and sought him out when she needed him. However, I think the whole Melody Pond – River Song idea was not that great. After River appeared in Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, Moffat had a veritable gold mine with her character. He could have chosen a million and one routes with her character, even going as far as leaving her as an enigma, but he chose the easy way out and wrapped up her plot in a few episodes. I read several fanfics where her character was given a much more interesting background. However, the moment between her and Eleven in „The name of the Doctor” was fantastic. If that moment did not turn people into River/Eleven shippers it is a miracle…

The Male Companions: Jack Harkness, Mickey and Rory Williams

Captain Jack Harkness: Eleven never met Captain Jack Harkness!!! That is a sacrilege that must be solved immediately ( preferably in the 50th!!! ). Apart from that, I love Jack, I’m planning to watch Torchwood and I hate the fact that he gets so few episodes. The whole Face of Boe twist was amazing and I never would have expected it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he appears in the 50th or the Christmas special. Once again, all hail fanfiction! Some fanfic writers are amazing and Jack is one of my favorite characters in fanfiction.

Mickey ( the idiot ): Mickey is great! I love Mickey! His character is loads of fun from the beginning till the end no matter whether he appears as a companion, as a rescuer from the parallel world or as let’s-kick-some-Dalek-ass again from the parallel world. I think the fact that he ended up with Martha is great, because he is probably one of the few people who can fully understand what she went through during the Year that Never Was.

Rory Williams: I’m a bit meh about Rory to be honest. At times I adore him ( The Big Bang Two for example ) and other times he’s a tad too dull for my liking ( Vampires in Venice ). However, I really liked the way his character developed throughout the series. Like Amy, he grew up a lot.


Uuuuu the taboo word! The PLOT! Guess what? Both Russel T. Davies’ seasons and Moffat’s seasons have goods and bads. For example, I loved the plot in the first two seasons, but was a bit disappointed by the plot of seasons three and four seeing as, in my opinion, several episodes were redundant. I hated the way Journey’s End came to a close. But, I loved the Specials and they seemed to bring back some of the atmosphere from seasons 1 and 2. What I liked most about Russel T Davies’ episodes was the fact that 1) the seasons were not linked by the plot and 2) the main theme of the story arcs was easier to see, but not easy to guess. For example, in season 1 the words Bad Wolf appeared in every episode, but I could not have guessed who the Bad Wolf was.

Moving to seasons 5, 6 and 7… I think Moffat’s greatest weakness is that he wants everything to be clever ( cookies to those who figured out where this reference came from ). In Sherlock he manages to pull it off because in three episodes per season there’s a limited number of loose ends that can be left hanging. However, in Doctor Who it gets annoying to pile questions after question and receive few answers. For example, what in the world happened to Madame Kovarian? Have we seen the end of the Silence? How did the Doctor erase himself from history? And why was Clara able to see his forms up to his eleventh form, when technically he was supposed to die at his thirteenth? See, all these questions bug us fans because we don’t get answers to them and we’re left hanging. Russel T Davies was great at wrapping up all loose ends, but some of his plots suffered because of this. Moffat’s episodes suffer because of all those darned questions marks we are left with.

Also, season seven was a bit of a let down. It lacked the fluidity of the other seasons and in my humble opinion Clara should have been introduced earlier. I managed to connect to the character in „Journey to the Center of the Tardis” and poof a couple of episodes later the season came to an end.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Still, I loved „The Name of the Doctor” as far as the plot went ( because the baddies were pretty lame if you ask me ) and am curious whether I am right about who John Hurt’s character is.

The Baddies

As far as evil characters go, I think both „eras” ( let’s call them eras )  have loads of great bad guys and several meh evil characters. Was anyone else disappointed by the way the Racnoss looked? I know I was! However, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels, the Silence, the Master! Oh yeah! However, the problem with recurring evil characters is that, as episodes go by, they loose the „fright” factor. I know I was shaking in my boots for the characters in The Parting of Ways when the Doctor was surrounded by Daleks. However, in The Asylum of the Daleks, I was „oh, great Daleks, well they’ll escape again.” The same thing happened with the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels. The more they appear, the less scary they are. However, the Silence is just frustrating ( and still scary ) because we have no idea what actually happened to them in the end. Some answers would be lovely, Moffat!!! The only evil character I am actually looking forward to seeing again – though I probably won’t – is the Master! How cool was the ending of The End of Time??? It was spectacular!


I guess you’re pretty bored by now if you managed to read all my nonsense. The conclusion is the same from the beginning: DW has good parts and bad parts. The Russel T Davies era had good parts and bad parts. The Steven Moffat era has good parts and bad parts. If you don’t like where the show is going, stop watching it. It’s simple!

3 gânduri despre “Doctor Who: Russel T Davies era vs Steven Moffat era

  1. Clara erqsed the history of the Doctor in „Asylum of the Darleks”, you mentioned that as one of the „unsolved questions”.

  2. Oh, you got to love Clara ! She’s brilliant ! I mean , Rose used to my favourite companion and I hated when River came in the picture and she was the Doctor’s wife Rose had been there first and I wished he would still love her and somehow bring her back – but we all know that ended. Now , Clara is the only character that made me change my mind. Clara is smart and funny, a woman – every other female character could be refereed to as „the girl who.. ” but not Clara , she’s the Woman twice dead. I loved her from the very first episode ” Asylum of the Dalek „. It was tragic how she believed to be still human, how she sacrificed herself. Always witty. And the governess was also a strong woman, one that got to the Doctor’s heart when he needed it. The girl that lives in our time is the strongest of them all; she lost her mother and she always dreamed of adventures , but she didn’t simply left off with the Doctor no matter how appealing it was , she took control of things. She didn’t accept being a replacement for other people – unlike Martha. She knew the danger and she never did anything to try and bring it upon herself ( she didn’t wander off ) because she knew how it was to lose someone and she didn’t want other people losing her. She gave up one of her most precious things in the world- a link to her past and a million possible futures to save the Doctor and when the time came, she gave up her life and almost even sanity ( the whole thing with ” I don’t know who I am and I don’t know where I’am going” ) to save him. And that’s why Clara Oswin Oswald is the best companion so far , for me :).

  3. Yeah, I understand how annoying can be when you start browsing through youtube and everyone starts arguing about how Eleven sucks and how much they miss Ten…blah blah blah.
    I also found it difficult to say goodbye to Ten and it took me an entire season to get used to Eleven, but the same thing happened to me when Ten first appeared. And it was so difficult because when Eleven appeared, Ten and Nine completely disappeared. There was not a single connection between who he was then and who he was then. He completely said goodbye to the past. Maybe if they kept at least a character or if he spoke more often about the ones that he left behind…

    The Doctor will always change and we must understand that. I think I prepared this time and I am ready to meet Twelve.

    And regarding the companions I also did not really cared about Martha. I mean she was instantly in love with the Doctor and at times she seemed obsessed with him. Come on, she was traveling through time and space and had so many amazing adventures, yet all she could do was dream about the Doctor 24/7. At least that is what I remember about her.

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