Review: The Illuminator: Access to Universal Intelligence

The Illuminator Access to Universal Intelligence: An introduction to developing your intuition

„Are you following your inner voice and living the life you want?
Learn how to attain happiness, be successful, and enjoy life.
Listening to your inner voice and trusting your intuition are skills that you can master. By spending only a few minutes a day, you can expand the capacity of your brain, enabling you to concentrate and focus on difficult tasks effortlessly.

Here are some of the questions you’ll find answered in The Illuminator: Access to Universal Intelligence: What is intuition is and how can I attain it? What are the three essential things necessary to enjoy life? Can I avoid life-threatening diseases by changing the way I think? How can I complete difficult tasks without letting negative feelings influence their outcome? Take charge of your destiny with a calm and relaxed mind.
We are faced with tension and stress every day, but it doesn’t have to affect our lives. Learn how to develop an attitude that will lead you to greater success and happiness. Download The Illuminator: Access to Universal Intelligence now and start your journey to a better life.”

Review: I must admit I usually shy away from reading self-improvement books because I find them dry and a bit too patronizing for my taste. It was often that I perused such a book and reached a point where I could imagine the author somewhere at the back of my mind nagging me like an old lady that what I am doing is not right. This is not the case with „The Illuminator.” To my surprise, I found the book very pleasant and informative, offering good advice on a range of interrelated matters that I rarely paid a second thought to. The book acts like a guide on how to develop your intuition and feel better about yourself in general. Alongside these steps, the book also advises its readers on how to create a better link with the Universe or the Divine.

The book is well written, delving into complex matters and leading the reader through a journey to discover his true self and the gifts he possesses. Despite this, it has a fast pace, being able to deliver its words of advice in a concise and simple manner, without burdening the reader with too long phrases and over the top descriptions. In some places, I would have wished to see several matters developed further and more thoroughly, as I felt the chapter was just beginning to skim the surface. However, as far as guidance goes, the book offers a good direction that readers can choose to follow.

As far as negative points go, there are several typos here and there that managed to distract my attention as I was reading „The Illuminator.” Same with several unfortunate turns of phrasing that has me read those parts a second time in order to fully understand what the author wanted to say.

However, overall „The Illuminator” is a pleasant read that offers sound advice for those who feel as if their life is going in the wrong direction or perhaps going completely off course and wish to find a guideline of sort that offers aid in how to find a proper answer to the situation.

Rating: 4/5


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