Review: Anchors no more

Anchors No More„Anchors No More is a rousing adventure. Hailed as a „masterpiece” during its year long run on Serialteller, this expanded ‘author’s cut’ grabs you by the shirt in chapter one and then throws you to the ground when you reach the end.

Doctors Holly Marshal and Gary Neff have discovered the secrets of time travel. Now that they have made the first practical test of their theory, they find themselves in an entirely different race against time as the military and its corporate investors want what they have.

A Saturday matinee in convenient book form, Anchors No More is filled with tight action pieces, sympathetic characters, believable science, and surprise after surprise. It is a rousing time travel tale that can only come from the energetic, philosophical imagination of David Edward Wagner.”

Review: I’ve always loved watching shows and reading books about time travelling. The topic fascinated me and it was no surprise that series such as Quantum Leap and Doctor Who grabbed my attention from the start. Therefore, from the moment I started reading about Doctors Holly Marshal and Gary Neff and how they made their trip five years into the future, I was hooked. As I had read the book description, I was fully expecting the presence of the military at their return, but nothing quite prepared me for the appearance of Lieutenant Vanderhoff and how much I would hate the character. Not to mention the horror that would grip me upon reading some of the scenarios that would come to pass if he would get his hands on the technology he wanted.

Anchors no more is a book packed with action, with a wonderful narrative that hooks you from the very first page, from the first forays into the future, to the imminent sense of danger that surrounds them once they step out of the time machine and find themselves charged with high treason. Many times I found myself saying ‘that’s it, I’ve got to go to sleep’, just to continue reading another chapter and another, unable to put the book dow. The descriptions were vivid, the dialogues pleasant to read and well crafted, the suspense thick enough you could have cut it with a knife. Many times I thought there was no escaping one situation or another just to see the story prove me wrong as an unexpected twist of fate changed things.

Overall, Anchors no more is a gripping tale from the start to the end. It will keep you on the edge, eager to know what’s coming next and won’t let you go until you reach the end. I highly recommend it to those who love science fiction and time travel novels, or to those who are the more adventurous sort. You won’t regret giving it a try.


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