Review: The Road to Becoming a Survivor

The Road to Becoming a Survivor„At 25 years old, River Hayden has experienced the low’s of life that few will ever see. A casualty of her family’s circumstances, of past boyfriends, of the hand that the universe dealt her, this auto-biography is Hayden’s chance at seeing her days as a victim end. Follow her story and how she was able to overcome her past, to pick up the pieces and find the life she has always wanted.

As part of our commitment to our readers, we should note that this story does contain content regarding sexual assault, abuse, drugs, and addiction. Trigger warnings apply.”

Review: Reading an autobiography is often a completely different experience than reading a biography or a fictional book meant to be a portrayal of someone’s life. It is rawer, more truthful and often more moving than any other type of book on the market. River Hayden managed to be strong enough to put her story in words, to relieve the different kinds of abuse she has been subjected to. Her book, „The Road to Becoming a Survivor” is a moving story, shared by a woman who was needs to be admired for her strength in sharing her life with the world, a life that had been harsh and filled with suffering, but one that turned her into a survivor. Her words filling the pages of her book can be read by people who have gone through similar suffering, aiding them in moving forward and realizing they are not alone, showing them there is hope out there and they are not defined by their status as victims.

In terms of writing, the books is written in an easy style, one that is more concerned with sending its message out there than appearing nice. It is a way similar to the one everyone uses to write a diary, secrets spilled without care on the page, thoughts revealed without restraint. It is a way of storytelling the lets you see the true self of the person writing the book, instead of the facade presented by them by choosing certain words and turns of phrase. I would, perhaps, have wanted to read more about they way in which she managed to overcome the abuse she had been subjected to, they ways in which she truly became a survivor. However, overall the book is a moving and inspiring account of a person who lived through the worst life could throw at her, yet managed to survive.

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