Review: Waves of Reprisal

Waves of Reprisal

„Hanyma, a spirited young woman from the remote village of Kepler, is at a crossroads in her life. She wants to explore the unfamiliar, wide-open country outside her croft. But rumblings of dark, inexorable forces terrorizing the sparsely-populated continent dampen her aspirations.

That was before devastation gripped her. Now, driven by a wandering quest for vengeance, the headstrong survivalist struggles to combat a band of vicious marauders while simultaneously trying to comprehend all the strange phenomena discovered amidst ruins of technologically-advanced precursors.

Before long, Hanyma is thrust into circumstances beyond her ability to control, and she must team with an unlikely ally from a far-gone past who is determined to complete a mission of global importance. Whether that mission succeeds or not may well depend on the callow wayfarer from Kepler. Can Hanyma put aside her bloodlust when the fate of humanity beckons? Will it matter when pitted against the crushing weight of a powerful, inscrutable enemy?”

Review: I think one of the greatest letdowns of a science-fiction book can be the fact that some authors prefer to focus more on the science factors of their novel and ignore the story and the characters in its favor. Luckily, Waves of Reprisal does not suffer from this particular fault. A lovely Sci-Fi novel set in a dystopian world, Waves of Reprisal does not overwhelm you with technology, instead focusing on delivering its message to the reader. Written in an easy and faced paced way, the novel is a beautiful blend of fast-paced action, tense moments that keep you on the edge and vivid descriptions that allow you to imagine everything to the last detail as you read.

The character who spoke to me the most was Hanyma, a brave young woman and the main character of the story, who lost her family during a marauder raid. Instead of giving up and refusing to go on, she takes charge of her life, uses her grief and twists it into anger, allowing it to fuel her determination to avenged her loved ones. However, as the plot develops, she does not remain locked in a neverending  cycle of vengence, instead developing, learning to look past her anger and staring to think on a grander scale.

All in all, Waves of Reprisal is like a breath of fresh air in the sea of science-fiction novels that seem to all follow the same trend. Intriguing, engaging, with a solid plot and well developed characters, it is definitely a book I recommend.


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