Interviu cu o autoare: Julie Cassar

Hey! Nu cred ca va asteptati la o noua intrare in aceasta rubrica atat de curand, insa am avut noroc luna aceasta. Julie Cassar a fost foarte draguta si mi-a dat un interviu in care a dezvaluit si cateva lucruri despre cartea ei Ruby Blue.


graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, specializing in Graphic Design, Julie has worked as a production artist, graphic designer, painter and photographer. Her pieces have been featured in both public and private art shows in Michigan and original paintings, prints and photography are available for purchase on this website. A published author, Julie writes a monthly blog, hascompleted three novels, has been published in Fitness Magazine, „Outdoor Athlete,”  and most recently published the first installment to her young adult fantasy series and is available in both e-book and paperback formats.  When she’s not writing, reading, painting, taking photographs (or doing laundry) Julie spends her time with her husband,  three children, and her dog, Bella.  In her not-so-much-free time, (after enjoying some deliciously yummy coffee concoction) you might see her running in the neighborhood, training at the gym, racing in a 5K or dancing at a local pub enjoying her most-favorite local band. ” ( source is here )

1. First of all, thank you very much for granting me this interview. I was wondering whether you would like to tell us something about yourself.

Well, my background is in art and my favorite mediums to work with are pencil and watercolors. I have a degree in fine art specializing in graphic design and just after college I worked as a designer for about six years until I had the first of my three beautiful children.  I also love photography, scrapbooking and gardening…when I can find the extra time! Recently, I took up running and just completed my first half-marathon last October which was the most amazing experience! I love fancy coffee drinks, chocolate, pizza, Mexican food and pretty much anything covered in cheese!

2.    “Ruby Blue” is your debut YA novel. What inspired you to write it?

I’ve actually had the story idea for a long time. It first came to me about 6 or 7 years ago, when I had my son. I always thought it would be a children’s book. Then, as I began to think about the story and the characters, I realized the story I wanted to tell was a bit more mature and more suited for the YA audience. I finally just decided to write it down and out came Ruby Blue. It was a fantastically fun and emotional experience.

3.    Which was the hardest character to write? How about the easiest?

I wouldn’t say that any of the characters were hard to write. The hardest part for me was getting their expressions down…finding the right words to express their physical reactions to certain events. I could see them clearly in my head, but transposing how they reacted into words was sometimes difficult. However, the easiest character to write was Ruby. She’s in my heart.

4.    I believe all readers and perhaps the writers as well imagine what would happen if they were granted a few hours with a character of their choosing. If you were to spend some time with your characters where would you go and what would you do?

Hmmm… this is tough because these characters are all so real for me. I get to spend time with them every time I sit down to write about them. But, I think I’d love to hang out with Anya and Brennan and see their cottage and perhaps take a little trip to Fey. That would be incredible. In my mind… it’s a beautiful, mystical place.

5.    Do you have a favorite novel or favorite novels?

Not really. I love reading, but prefer YA, Chicklit and paranormal stuff. I usually enjoy everything I read because if I don’t get hooked on a book within the first 60 pages or so, I just put it down and don’t finish it. For example, I read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and really enjoyed it. Then I tried to read the Da Vinci Code and couldn’t finish it. I tried for weeks…It just didn’t hook me.

6.    Do you have a favorite author?

Ahhh! I love so many! I can’t choose just one… JK Rowling, Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, Brent Crawford, Shannon Hale, PC Cast, Rose Pressey, Stephanie Meyer… They are all fabulous at what they do.

7.     You have a time capsule and the possibility to preserve three books for the people of the future. What books would you choose?

Oh man…this is too tough for me to answer! There are way too many good books out there.

8.    You are able to go back in time and take part in one particular historical event. What would that be and how would you change it?

I wouldn’t change anything. Even though there have been some horrific historical things that have happened, every occurrence has shaped our culture and society today. Changing something would inevitably change our present…and it could end up making things worse! I think we learn and grow and make decisions based on our history. (And, sometimes, unfortunately, history has a habit of repeating itself.) I wouldn’t be the same person today … and I won’t be the same person next week. Every event, every interaction, every conversation shapes and changes an individual…even in the slightest degree. That’s what life is about. What we do with what we are given is up to us…how far we can go is limitless.

 9.    Do you have any projects in the making?

I am currently working on the final edits to “Deja Blue” (the sequel to “Ruby Blue”) and I’m also writing the third installment to the series. I’m really excited to get the second book out there because I think it’s such a strong story arc. I always intended Ruby Blue to be a series and now that the characters have been established, I can really get into the heavier, more exciting stuff.

 10.   And last, do you have any words for your fans in Romania?

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my book! I really hope you all get a chance to read it and let me know what you think. I’ve fallen in love with these characters and I hope you do too!

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  1. Do you have a favorite author?

    Ahhh! I love so many! I can’t choose just one… JK Rowling, Charlaine Harris, MaryJanice Davidson, Brent Crawford, Shannon Hale, PC Cast, Rose Pressey, Stephanie Meyer… They are all fabulous at what they do.

    insfarsit autori de care am auzit si eu

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